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Spotlight on Matt P, our Head of Projects

WeDoCRM is a full-service CRM agency, that provides all the support you need for successful CRM management – from planning and operations to technical know-how and content expertise. 

Our team includes specialists in CRM, Marketing, Sales, and MarTech, allowing us to customise our services to fit your needs perfectly. 

Our “Spotlight on Services” series introduces team members and explains how they contribute to your projects or daily support when you team up with us.

Introducing Matthew Purchase, AKA ‘Project Matt’ as we like to call him, our Head of Martech Projects. With extensive experience across various sectors, including tech, property, education, SaaS, and non-profit, Matt is a valuable addition to our team. He finds automation and customisation aspects of CRM particularly enjoyable. Taking platforms and pushing them to their limits are the kinds of challenges he loves getting his teeth into. 

Some of the top projects Matt has previously worked on include a CRM migration project for the British Red Cross as well as working with Makers to optimise their HubSpot resulting in a complete re-build project. He has recently onboarded Soccer Aid and also worked with companies such as Group55, BMI Group, and a complex integration project between 3 platforms with Wejo!

Matt’s wealth of experience in managing migration projects as well as his knowledge of multiple platforms will help as we continue to grow and see an influx of projects, his platform knowledge on HubSpot will allow us to target that market and grow our offering in what is now G2’s platform of the year.

Outside the office, his primary passion lies in football with a particular allegiance to Liverpool Football Club, a committed follower – regularly attending both home and away games. (Although we will have to kick him off video calls if he starts singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’) 

Matt didn’t want us to mention this but we are going to anyway because it is 100% a fun fact! He appeared in an advert for Coca-Cola, it may only be for 1 second but it’s definitely a claim to fame! 

Here are just some of the ways Matt helps our clients:

  • CRM Strategy: Collaborates with organisations to enhance their CRM utilisation ensuring benefits for both business and its individuals. Matt specialises in tailoring CRM systems to meet specific needs, he does this by rigorously testing its capabilities to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, he aligns the CRM strategy with the organisation’s commercialisation strategy and KPIs, thereby assisting them in reaching their targets effectively.
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment: Collaborates with companies to ensure seamless alignment between marketing and sales processes, simplifying rather than complicating the cross-over & handover between the 2 areas.
  • Campaign Management: Specialises in crafting and executing multichannel strategies, leveraging email, lead capture, automation, and tech stacks to drive successful campaign outcomes. 
  • Streamlining with Automation: Matt relieves manual workload for organisations by harnessing the power of technology stacks and automation tools, effectively reducing administrative burdens. With a knack for simplifying complex processes, automation comes naturally to him.
  • Data Management: Matt ensures the fundamentals are adhered to, making sure that companies can get the best analytics by ensuring quality data management processes.
  • Commitment to learning: (One of our favourite points about Matt) Staying up to date on the latest product updates and looking at ways they can impact customers and potential clients.


Tech, Property, Education, SaaS, Non-Profit

Platform Knowledge

HubSpot (Most knowledge/specialist), Salesforce, Pardot, Klaviyo, MailChimp, PipeDrive, Sugar CRM, MS Dynamics

We asked Matt about upcoming CRM trends

“CRM Trends in 2024… I think that the bigger platform changes coming in will start to stimulate growth again, not quite to the levels of the pandemic but as the budget restraints start to loosen, I think companies will start to invest again in their platform and start to realise the benefits, as well as companies who invested in a CRM to solve an issue during the pandemic, will look to re-visit their platform and strategy to reflect the changing climate.”

Thinking about what we can do for you? 

Buying a CRM is one thing. Turning it into an ROI machine is something altogether different.

Think of it as a private jet. It looks pretty on the tarmac, but its true potential is wasted without a pilot.

If you need to migrate, implement, or even just optimise, give us a shout, and Matt and the team will work their magic!

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