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5 Major reasons you should invest in CRM

Should you invest in CRM? Absolutely, positively, without a doubt – YES! But hey, we’re not just saying that because we do CRM, get ready for the why and we’ll even throw in some fancy stats and photos to prove it. 

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management as it is also known, has become the world’s leading Sales software market thanks to its ever-growing popularity amongst companies as a leading ROI driver.

We see it as a mystical art, due to its complex discipline of operating across both marketing and sales functions, it’s no surprise that CRM is gaining traction as a powerhouse, so here’s why YOU should invest in it.

CRM software, led by the likes of Salesforce and HubSpot, is now worth an estimated £100 billion, yet some businesses don’t see CRM as one of their top priorities. (Face palm.)

An incredible statistic considering CRM is proven to drive an average ROI of 9 – which means that for every £1 a company spends on CRM, they receive £9 back. (Source: our CEO’s neighbour’s best mate) only joking, the real source is here but It does lead to the question, why aren’t you adopting CRM?

It helps businesses build a relationship with their customers, which, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. It’s that simple. Here are the key reasons why we think you should invest:

  1. A complete 360 view of each customer: CRM gathers all customer information in one place, making it easy for teams to access and understand customer interactions. A CRM also acts as a single source of truth – where everything is up to date. Imagine having enough insight on someone that you know what they may want and when they need it. Amazon knows how to do this best, (they know when I am about to run out of coffee!) With this insight, you can personalise your communication and experiences and in turn, make people’s lives easier by anticipating what they want, when they want it. This is called a propensity-to-buy model.

  2. Improved efficiency and productivity: Whether you’re an administrative king/queen or find it about as thrilling as watching paint dry, a CRM system is here to save the day! With the right expertise (hint WeDoCRM hint), CRM can turbocharge your team’s productivity by a whopping 50%.  Beyond that, it revolutionises sales processes and provides data-driven insights – from automated follow-ups to lead nurturing, it covers it all. Giving you free time to focus on the important stuff, building relationships, closing deals, and watching those £££££ roll in.

  3. Long-term relationship building: Building lasting relationships through CRM is like planting seeds in a garden, for example, it requires care, attention, and consistent nurturing over time. Looking at the historical data and using CRM tools effectively, can create meaningful connections with customers with every touch point. By genuinely understanding your customers’ needs, just like a beautiful sunflower, you will see relationships flourish and grow over time. Not only that, it can facilitate seamless communication between your team and departments so everyone is on the same page.

  4. Open a whole new world of commercial possibilities: CRM software can increase conversion rates by as much as 300% and the possibilities are endless. Not only can it do everything mentioned above, (learning about your audience is really important) they’re also great for driving more leads and sales from that audience. Track sales opportunities, identify upselling, and increase your revenue. More money in your pocket!

  5. Reporting made easy: Data analysis and reporting don’t have to be manually done when you have a CRM. While some may argue that Excel or Looker Studio can churn out some useful reports, the convenience of a CRM system does all the heavy lifting for you. With your data neatly stored in a CRM system, many options offer an effortless setup of reports and dashboards. This means you can access vital insights at any time, saving you from the headache of complex analysis. Oh and… when it’s paired with automation, your CRM can proactively flag opportunities and issues before they even hit your radar. So yeah, Excel might have its charms, but let’s face it – when it comes to saving time and keeping your sanity intact, a CRM system is the real MVP.

Why do brands work with us?

Despite being the fastest-growing software market on the planet, CRM is often so under-resourced that it’s tough to really bring its full potential into the spotlight. You might head up a talented CRM team, but there are just not enough resources to cope with the constant onslaught of demand, or skills gaps mean you’re overly dependent on over-stretched resources elsewhere in the organisation. The challenge for most however is finding the right support. 

With CRM being such a specialist area of expertise, most Marketing or Development Agencies just don’t cut it. They’re too broad and their expertise is not refined enough to build a CRM stack that’s actually usable by CRM teams. That’s why WeDoCRM was created – a genuine specialist resource for CRM teams and organisations that enhances your CRM capabilities, finally giving CRM the recognition it deserves as an ROI powerhouse.

Sound good? Want to find out how your business can implement an effective CRM program? Or see what other brands say about us? Contact us today.

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