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Email Campaign Management

WeDoCRM supports brands and organisations all over the world with their day-to-day Email Marketing operations.

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The power of email marketing

Many claim that email is dead – that sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Email as a marketing communications channel has never been more valuable to a brand, especially given it’s relatively low cost and expansive reach.

Good email marketing requires finesse and a data-led approach – gone are the days of mass-mailing. If you can segment your marketing emails, and tailor the content on a personalised scale, you’ll often notice engagement rates and attributed revenue start to creep up.

Data-led strategy

We utilise data and insights to target email communications on a granular scale, helping to increase attribution and preserve database health.

Simplified content

Email content can often be too heavy, resulting in too many options and actions for the end user. We use simple messaging and CTAs make decision making easier.


Good data and insights makes personalisation easier. We'll speak to every user individually through dynamic content that's relevant to that end user.

Actionable insights

Strong tracking will help deliver valuable insights that we can then use to pivot strategy and stay proactive.

Test and learn

We ensure you have an always-on test and learn plan to acquire insights and track changes to behaviour.

Eye-catching design

We'll help you strike a balance between visually strong brand designs and practical structure for delivery.

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