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CRM strategy

WeDoCRM's data-first approach enables solid CRM strategy support that delivers a genuine ROI and supports your KPIs.

Global experts for

Data-focused, strategic thinking

To be truly strategic, you have to understand what your data is telling you. Only then will be be able to identify trends and areas of opportunity to increase revenue from your database.

Deep-dive analysis

In-depth audits of performance to date to establish areas of opportunity for revenue and engagement.

Leadership report

A top level leadership report detailing our findings and recommendations for future strategy implementation.

Centralised inbox

Seamless lead generation forms that flow into a centralised team inbox with your CRM system with live alerts.

Outbound marketing

All outbound marketing is created as a taster for the sales conversation that follows once a lead is captured.

Lead recycling

99% of unconverted leads are eligible to be recycled using targeted, automated marketing nurture comms.

Live performance dashboards

Detailed analytics dashboards within your CRM to show performance, conversion and areas of opportunity.

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