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Why you should use a CRM agency as a technical resource

Yes, CRM has huge operational and strategic capabilities. But in its simplest form, it’s a beast of a piece of technology. And like your brand-new car or custom gaming console, it needs care and expertise to configure and set it up, as well as regular maintenance to keep it ticking along.

That’s why we offer both sides of the CRM service coin here at WeDoCRM; strategy and operations as well as technical expertise. Because you need both aspects to run your CRM successfully. And here are a few of the ways a CRM agency could be a useful technical resource for your team.

We know best data practice

There’s a lot to talk about with best data practice, which is why we’ve written a separate blog in case you want to dig in further to the subject.

But to keep it brief here, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the law to protect against unauthorised, careless or ignorant processing of personal data.

There are strict data processes and protocols companies need to abide by, or you risk huge fines and some serious damage to your reputation. This includes how your data is collected, how long it’s stored for, and who has access to it.

It can be a minefield.

And mismanaging data because you don’t realise you’ve misunderstood some of the complexities is one of the most common ways we’ve seen companies fall foul of GDPR. Data being stored in Excel spreadsheets, for example.

Seeking advice from experts is the only way to guarantee you’re following the rules correctly. So if you don’t have one of these experts currently in-house, we strongly strongly recommend getting someone externally to assess your situation. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We have a range of experience

We have over a combined 80 years’ experience as a CRM agency. That’s 80 years of digging around CRM platforms, managing system migrations, and creating user-focused email journeys. In fact, we’re so confident in our combined experience, that we challenge you to find a CRM project we haven’t worked on before.

Or a sales and marketing platform for that matter. We know how to make the most of the software to maximise your potential revenue, whether you’re running Salesforce in all its glory, or you’ve cherry picked your favourite features for a customised MarTech stack. And even if you’ve created a custom-built platform, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t take long to familiarise ourselves with its features and whip it into shape to best meet your needs.

We’ve also had a peek behind the scenes of a lot of companies across most industries. Retail and e-commerce, travel, SaaS, real estate, technology, financial services… these are just a handful of the sectors we’ve applied our trade to. And that covers the expanse of the B2B and B2C spaces as well. So chances are we’ve experienced the pain points of your sector and know the hurdles you need to jump to be a success.

Basically, between us all, we’ve seen almost any and every CRM scenario you can imagine. Which makes us an invaluable resource to advise you on the ins and outs of CRM systems and strategy, whatever industry you’re in.

You can harness our CRM knowledge

We don’t just stop at being a source of some pretty solid CRM advice though. Part of what makes us unique as a CRM agency is that we integrate ourselves wholly into your team (we call it insourcing). We get well and truly stuck into the everyday tasks of the job.

And once we’re embedded into your business, we think and act as any regular employee would, which also includes sharing our knowledge and training our teammates. So if you have more inexperienced members of the business who would benefit from some training in aspects of CRM, we’d be happy to host sessions and guide our mentees through hands-on learning.

The truth is, if you’ve identified technical CRM expertise as a knowledge gap in your business, the chances are you’re not making the most of your CRM operations. Our skills and experience as a CRM agency, and our ability to work semi-autonomously, will leave you free to focus on the parts of your business that matter to you, knowing you’re getting the ROI you need on your CRM software.

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