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2022 at WeDoCRM

2022. What a year!

As well as becoming a certified agency partner of many leading CRM and ESP platforms, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some huge names in the world of B2B and B2C.

Our relationship with one of our original clients, international payments provider WorldFirst (part of Ant Group and Alipay), is still going strong. This year, we’ve been integral to their Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) strategy. This included implementing SalesWing and Datorama functionality into SMC journeys, 1-click callback, email personalisation, and managing all data captures on the website.  

We also delivered our most comprehensive project to date for WorldFirst in 2022 – migrating to a new web portal, which involved over 50 batches of data and 150+ emails for over ten countries and seven different regions. Most importantly, we delivered these projects ahead of schedule and with zero errors. A huge pat on the back to our amazing WorldFirst client team and their tireless work throughout the year!

Volvo came to us at the beginning of 2022 for our SMC expertise on day-to-day technical support for automated campaigns and journeys, data management, and organising the SMC folder structure. They also wanted us to provide training to their internal team.

Our support on their BAU campaign management involved building, testing, and optimising HTML email templates, incorporating SMC email functionality into communications, and building an automated data refresh. And we’ve seen the payoff already, with Volvo achieving a higher ROI on their SMC investment simply by using functionality that was previously untapped. 

In July, we joined forces with Bulb, one of the UK’s leading 100% renewable energy providers, to assist with customer communications that met its strict compliance needs during its administration period. We hit the ground running and immediately became involved with improving processes and internal communication, alongside our day-to-day CRM support.

And we’re closing out 2022 with Bulb with two successful price change projects under our belt, as well as a pay review, the EBSS (Energy Bill Support Scheme), and handling the communications around the legal handover to Octopus. These are complex projects, not only because of the number of variables for every customer, but because communications consist of emails and letters, including enlarged letters and braille. This has made for some meaty QA testing for our team as there are so many different scenarios to run.

But one of the things we’re most proud of during our time with Bulb is how we’ve integrated ourselves into the business to a point where we’re considered to be the CRM team, and not just an external resource. We’re now in a position where other departments come to us directly when they need us, rather than going through internal CRM staff. That’s why we’re known as the insourced CRM agency.

And let’s not forget the work we put into our other key clients, such as Elder, Leadership Success, and Fly Now Pay Later. It’s fair to say, we’re ending 2022 on a high, with a clan of superstar marketers at the helm, and as a trusted partner of some massive global brands. 

Can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for this CRM agency!

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