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Swedish by design, safety at it's core

From the very outset Volvo Cars has been a brand for people who care about the world we live in and the people around us. They've have made it their mission to make life easier, better and safer for everyone.


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Volvo started designing and building cars in 1927 because they believed no other manufacturer was making vehicles that were strong or safe enough for Swedish roads.

Since then, they’ve introduced many iconic models to the market, as well as life-saving innovations, including the 3-point safety belt, which they waived their patent rights for the whole world’s benefit.

Today, Volvo is committed to spearheading sustainability and aims to be climate neutral by 2040. They are the first major premium car brand to offer a plug-in option on all models launched from 2019 onwards.

What was their need?

After breaking ties with a previous CRM agency, Volvo still needed technical Salesforce Marketing Cloud support to bridge the gap in their internal resources.

They came to WeDoCRM for our Salesforce Marketing Cloud expertise, but also for our ability to insource by integrating internally with their team to provide day-to-day technical support. We also worked on up-skilling their team on their own Salesforce Marketing Cloud knowledge.

What did we do?

  • Manage and optimise all automated campaigns and journeys.
  • Provide training to their internal team on Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Support on BAU campaign management.
  • Build HTML email templates, test and optimise.
  • Utilise new email functionality, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud in email surveys and image carousels.
  • Build a data capture using CloudPages for loyalty giveaway campaigns.
  • Manage data, including segmentation, uploading data provided by other teams, and combining data using SQL to create new data extensions.
  • Build a master data extension and automated data refresh.
  • Reorganise Salesforce Marketing Cloud folder structures.

Results (ongoing)

We seamlessly transitioned Volvo from their previous external agency to WeDoCRM’s team, and took on responsibility for all campaign management, journeys, and automations. We’ve received positive feedback from the wider internal business on the efficiency of the handover process.

Since then, our quick integration into the team and our ability to insource within our agency means we’ve not only been able action deliverables faster, but we’ve also been able to implement new Salesforce Marketing Cloud functionality that was previously untapped, giving Volvo a higher ROI on their investment.

Looking for a high-quality, safety-first vehicle?

Volvo is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, with a focus on quality, safety, and care for the environment. Find out more about how Volvo delivers innovations for the future by visiting the Volvo website.

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