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Fly Now Pay Later

Spread your wings and the cost

Fly Now Pay Later is a disruptor in the financial-travel sector, allowing customers to spread the cost of travel and pay instalments.


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Fly Now Pay Later was founded in 2018, when Co-founder & CEO, Jasper (the brains behind Fly Now Pay Later), struggled to find decent payment options for his trips around the world. They’ve been on a mission to transform the way people pay for their travel ever since.

They want to build a future where everybody spends less time dreaming of their next trip and tucking pennies away and more time exploring the world, experiencing new things and making lifelong memories.

What was their need?

From early discussions, Fly Now had a clear brief for us which was to set-up a number of high performing customer comms workflows and campaigns that would drive users through various stages of the conversion funnel, resulting in commercial realisation. They also needed to migrate away from HubSpot CRM and implement a new multi-channel marketing system.

What we do/delivered

  • Full audit of HubSpot CRM and their comms strategy.
  • Migration and implementation of into their existing MarTech stack.
  • CRM strategy and optimised comms plan.
  • Creation and deployment of key automated campaigns to increase conversion between key parts of the funnel, from app sign-up through to first purchase and credit usage.
  • Support and deployment of BAU email campaigns and push notifications.
  • Design, development and implementation of new custom email templates.

Results (ongoing)

Successfully implemented within the tech-stack and optimised their multi-channel marketing strategy, resulting in an increased TOV and an ROI of 6, verses the previous 6-months.

More results to follow.

Looking to travel without large upfront costs?

Fly Now Pay Later deliver flexibility through their app, allowing you to unlock travel without the burden on huge upfront costs. Instead, you can spread the cost over set months.

Check it out their app here.

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