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Bulb Energy

Making energy simpler, cheaper, greener

Bulb provided their members with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. And their gas was 100% carbon neutral too. They offset the emissions from the gas they supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.


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Custom-built internal systems

Bulb Energy was one of the first challenger energy suppliers in the UK that delivered 100% renewable energy to customers. Their green mission quickly saw households across the UK sign up, resulting in nearly 1.8 million customers in 2022.

They supplied renewable electricity to every member, on every tariff. They even carbon offset their gas, too. That meant Customers could shrink their home’s carbon footprint, just by being with Bulb. In fact, the average member lowered their carbon impact by a whopping 2.6 tonnes of CO2e every year, compared to an average energy tariff.

What was their need?

The global energy crisis of 2022 saw many smaller energy suppliers, many within the renewable sector, fold into administration due to the astronomical cost of energy. When Bulb Energy entered Special Administration, they had a number of key CRM professionals leave the company.

However, it was essential that they continued operating and serving their customers, including sending over three million monthly outbound emails (many of them highly regulated), such as statements, price changes, or energy support scheme information.

Bulb’s key mission quickly became the safeguarding of its 1.8 million customers and their energy supply. In order to achieve this in a landscape where permanent CRM replacements were reluctant to join a business in administration, Bulb partnered with WeDoCRM knowing we would be able to quickly get up to speed and support like full-time members of the CRM team.

How we supported Bulb Energy

  • Email campaign creation and delivery
  • MarTech support
  • Data management and compliance
  • Strategy support


This was an incredibly productive and positive partnership between Bulb and WeDoCRM, largely due to the success of our ‘insourced’ agency model – “from the beginning, they quickly got up to speed, were willing to take on any tasks, and integrated into the team, as opposed to being delegated work” (Joe Richardson, UK General Manager).

WeDoCRM took on responsibility for strategising and implementing many of Bulb’s CRM campaigns, the largest of which was the Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS).

The EBSS gave every household a £400 discount on their energy bills for winter 2022 to 2023, and for many households, this was through a voucher redemption scheme paid in monthly instalments. This scheme was an important communications initiative for Bulb, with huge pressure to deliver a 100% success rate.

And as of May 2023, Bulb Energy and Octopus, as a combined entity, is the only larger supplier to have reached 100% of EBSS payments distributed to customers.

Additional initiatives that we supported included alternative fuel payments and warm home discount schemes, as well as managing and executing four price change campaigns. These were technically complex emails because of the different energy supply possibilities, which led to a large number of dynamic content fields and quality assurance tests for each scenario.

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