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What is personalisation and how is it used today?

CRM systems have evolved beyond mere contact management in today’s digital world. Get ready to explore the advancements firsthand, from personalised communications to the rise of AI, and enhanced data security. Stay ahead of the curve as we break down the latest trends shaping how businesses connect with their customers.

What is Personalisation and how is it used today?

Personalisation is crucial in today’s context, especially with the impact of COVID-19 and the increased reliance on digital behaviours setting higher expectations. Customers gravitate towards brands that listen, understand, and care about what they want. We are emotional beings, (not the kind that cries all the time), and savvy brands are tapping into contextual marketing to make personal connections. This approach helps with staying in the loop, building loyalty, and increasing your bank balance fit for Kardashian! Customer retention is priceless. Our tip: keep it useful – and don’t be creepy! This creates a better experience, leading to happier customers who are more likely to stay, recommend the brand, and return for more.  Our current clients we have collaborated with and supported in personalisation:
  • GoHenry tailors a journey based on client actions. For example, they send different communications to users who haven’t set up an allowance compared to those who have.
  • Quidco offers different value deals depending on whether a user is a premium or basic member, using audience targeting to personalise their approach.
  • Much of the work we’ve done for WorldFirst to date has been focused on optimising existing operations, including increasing campaign performance, streamlining automated customer journey comms, and support in the overhaul of Salesforce reporting

Personalisation – Should it be the 5th P in marketing?

Ever heard of the four P’s of marketing? Chances are you have during your professional journey. We are talking about Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Sound familiar? It’s like the ABCs of marketing!
Personalisation - Should it be the 5th P in marketing?

Introduced by Neil Boren, a Harvard Professor back in the 1950s, these concepts are the framework to help businesses boost sales, connect with the right people, and fine-tune their marketing game plan. 

Fast forward to now, and the concepts are still being used all over the world to advertise their goods and services. Being a marketer is like being a chameleon – always adapting, and it’s not just about selling products anymore, it’s about selling a whole experience

What is personalisation and how is it used today

The good and bad examples of personalisation

When it comes to personalisation, two standout examples are Spotify and Netflix. Spotify tailors playlists and podcast suggestions to your taste, even crafting custom playlists just for you. Similarly, Netflix offers personalised recommendations based on your viewing history. 

Curious how they do it? Well, with 90% of customers open to sharing personal behaviour data, companies use this info to tailor personalised strategies, making your experience with their brand even better.

We’ve showcased some standout examples, but what about the not-so-great ones? Here’s a prime example: “Dear %%FIRST_NAME%%.” Some may believe that merely inserting a name into a generic message adds a personal touch. In reality, it’s the kind of spam that even spam would delete. It screams, “I couldn’t be bothered!”. If a customer entrusts you with their personal information, take the initiative to review your data and tailor your communication to them with a personal touch. It makes all the difference! 

Yet another instance of ineffective strategy is what we refer to as “spray and pray”—essentially, sending a single email to your entire list without targeting specific segments. Be more strategically focused, convincing customers to buy your product with the right message at the right time and a great way to do that is with multi-channel marketing. 

How we can help you with your personalisation marketing strategy

To be truly strategic, you have to understand what your data is telling you. Only then will be be able to identify trends and areas of opportunity to increase revenue from your database. We can help you! 

We have over a combined 80 years of experience as a CRM agency. That’s 80 years of digging around CRM platforms, managing system migrations, and creating user-focused email journeys. We’re so confident in our combined experience, that we challenge you to find a CRM project we haven’t worked on before.

We’re specialists in all things CRM, which includes marketing strategy and CRM implementation.

Get in touch below to find out more. Don’t be shy, say hi! 

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