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Changing the agency model

As Head of CRM at Emirates dnata, Matthew faced the same issues time and time again. His team was under-resourced and so unable to unlock the CRM’s full potential. And the agencies he encountered to fill this resource gap were often always one step behind. Meanwhile, Emilie was working for WorldFirst’s CRM team proving just how crucial it was to know their business inside out.

But when Matt and Emilie started WeDoCRM in the middle of the pandemic, flipping the outdated ways agencies work on its head wasn’t their initial aim. Instead, it was something that grew through WeDoCRM’s collaboration with their first two clients – WorldFirst and Leadership Success – and as a result of the ripple effects of the pandemic.

How the idea began to form…

Because of Emilie’s unique relationship with WorldFirst, it made sense to fully integrate into the team as though she was still an employee. And WorldFirst was happy for her to work semi-autonomously, in the same way she had before. Similarly, Matt’s previous relationship with Leadership Success meant they trusted him with the keys to their systems. Their overarching need was that he operated their CRM system in the most efficient way.

Instead of waiting for work to be handed to them, Matt and Emilie ran CRM operations by joining internal meetings, exactly as regular employees would. This gave them a unique first-hand experience of the conversations being had, enabling them to offer their input at the most opportune time. And when the meeting was over, they were already fully informed and reading to hit the ground running.

The results were immediate. Matt and Emilie’s complete investment in each of our clients meant they were able to implement resources quickly. This had an impact in a short period of time that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible. Not only did this way of working feel incredibly natural, but as an agency, Matt and Emilie knew they were on to something exciting.

And so, the insourced CRM agency was born.

What does insourcing mean?

Our insourced model is a collective mindset and commitment to integrate into your team and business in the same way a regular employee would, but with all the people power and specialisms only found in an agency. It’s the best of both worlds and we share it with all of our partners.

And because we work alongside you exactly like a colleague, listening to the same conversations, there’s no more regurgitating information to your agency, desperately trying to bring them into the loop. You walk out of a meeting, and we’ll walk out right beside you, briefed and ready to go.

But because we’ve also employed a whole team of CRM specialists, we also have the ability to plug any resource gaps across strategy and operations, technical, and content. It could be a long-term solution to under-resourcing or a lack of specialist knowledge in the company, or a temporary one to cover leave or bolster a team during busy periods. We can adapt to provide you with the level of service you need to deliver your CRM strategy.
Attentive, flexible, proactive. We promise you won’t have met an agency like us before.

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