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With over a thousand happy clients, LS are confident they'll deliver the best leadership development experience you'll ever have.


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Based in Sydney, Australia, Leadership Success are a market-leading provider of personalised training and coaching for all levels of management.

With demand high, LS has ambitious plans to roll out their coaching services to the US and UK with the mission of providing organisations with world-class management training.

What was their need?

Leadership Success had bold, exciting ambitions to make CRM the focal point of their business operations.

With PPC and PR becoming increasingly expensive, and with a healthy organic database that was largely unconverted, CRM presented the perfect solution to customer generation that didn’t break the bank.

What did we do?

WeDoCRM set about auditing and optimising their HubSpot CRM system in order to deliver a seamless end-to-end marketing and sales process that delivered ROI.

How we achieved this:

  • Extensive system audit and leadership report that outlined current performance and areas of opportunity and weakness.
  • Database cleanse to isolate bad data and organise prospect and customer data into actionable segments for both marketing and sales use.
  • Optimisation of ‘Property’ fields to ensure data was organised and presented in a optimal way for the sales team.
  • Data processing automations to reduce the need for manual intervention in HubSpot and deliver a self-sufficient CRM system that updated in real-time and self-cleansed.
  • Marketing ‘Workflows’ to deliver critical customer journey campaigns such as Welcome Series, Win Back and Re-engagement.
  • Key reporting dashboards in HubSpot and Google Analytics to allow for easy analysis and metric delivery.
  • Website optimisation support


So far during our time supporting Leadership Success, WeDoCRM has delivered an optimised CRM system in HubSpot and supported the business in its shift from a standard B2B trading modal to a ‘coach-first’ SaaS platform.

We’ve also supported LS expand to the US and UK markets. Much of the work to date has been focused on delivering a high-performing CRM framework to support brand awareness, lead acquisition, conversion and customer retention.

Keep an eye out for some exciting key metrics as we continue to support their global operations.

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Leadership Success are one of the market leaders in Leadership Development and Coaching, supporting thousands of organisations and individuals around the world get more out of their leadership development experiences. To learn more, click here.

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