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Hire a private chef anywhere in the UK

Former Barclays bankers Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal launched yhangry in late 2019, aiming to allow Londoners to book a previously elite-only experience for special occasions at home.


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yhangry is the new alternative for going out with friends. They are an on-demand private chef platform that makes booking a dinner party easy and affordable, from just £100 all in for your group.

Although it’s a bit cliché – think of the taxi industry before Uber, and how Uber disrupted a high-end service. yhangry are doing the same for private chefs. They plug into third-party logistics in order to make the process more efficient. The result: an affordable luxury service for customers, and better opportunities for chefs.

What was their need?

When WeDoCRM first began talking with yhangry, they were using MailChimp, a leading Email Service Provider (ESP), but had aspirations to migrate to a full CRM system.

The team at yhangry were looking for an agency to support them migrate their systems to HubSpot and optimise operations to deliver a cleaner, more streamlined system that could be used by all customer-facing teams.

What we delivered.

WeDoCRM set about auditing their current system, MailChimp, in order to understand what their current capabilities were and how we could improve on them when migrating to a full CRM platform.

What we implemented:

  • HubSpot CRM – set-up and configuration of external systems such as booking database.
  • Set-up of over 150 ‘Property’ fields to capture and manage data of all kinds from personal data, booking data, marketing preferences etc.
  • Extensive ‘Workflows’ split into three categories;
    • Data processing – automations created to process, update and action inbound and outbound data feeds.
    • Marketing comms – automated email campaigns designed to nurture and convert subscribers and customers. Campaigns included a Welcome series, booking confirmation series, Win Back series and others.
    • GDPR compliance – back-up automations created to ensure GDPR compliance is followed and that fall-backs are in place should there be any technical issues processing GDPR requests.
  • Fresh, optimised email templates designed to deliver campaigns seamlessly across any device and email client. All templates reflected new brand guidelines.
  • Detailed reporting dashboards delivering live metrics and performance analysis.
  • Processes and documentation for Customer Success teams to deliver improved experiences for customers at all stages of their yhangry journey.


CRM was successfully implemented and optimised campaign performance helped increase their customer database by over 350%, from an initial container total of 2,000 to 7,500 within two months.

Consolidation of inbound customer queries also helped internal CS teams access a detailed library of historic information allowing them to better assess and action issues and requests.

The integration of the CRM and booking system allowed YHANGRY to optimise their retention strategy by knowing exactly how many bookings a customer had made, when they made them, why they weren’t re-booking and what their preferences were (i.e. occasions, number of people, food preferences etc).

Interested in a yhangry experience?

How it works:

  1. STEP 1
    Choose what you eat
    Create your own menu or pick from our set menus (we all have decision fatigue sometimes!)
  1. STEP 2
    Groceries get delivered
    The groceries will be delivered usually the day before the event (timeslot sent on email!)
  1. STEP 3
    Enjoy your dinner party
    The chef will arrive at the stated chef arrival time, cook up a storm and clear up your kitchen! Relax with friends and enjoy a feast!

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