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WeDoCRM’s Talent Sourcing Head of CRM (FTC) for GoHenry

WeDoCRM’s Talent Sourcing: Head of CRM (FTC) for GoHenry

Providing a powerful Alternative to traditional Hiring

Hiring temporary CRM professionals to cover maternity leave, long-term sick leave, or seasonal demands can be challenging. During the recruitment process, businesses can often face high costs, a slow onboarding process and potential knowledge gaps. As a result, WeDoCRM developed a new innovative approach to CRM hiring

Our CRM talent sourcing method bypasses traditional recruitment agencies, providing immediate access to a pool of qualified CRM experts ready to step into temporary or fixed-term roles seamlessly. If you require a Head of CRM, CRM Manager, or CRM Executive, our selection of professionals ensures you find the right fit, fast and efficiently. 

Best of all, we bring the full backing and expertise of our global agency, ensuring continuity and excellence in CRM management.

How WeDoCRM Found the Head of CRM for GoHenry

GoHenry and their talented team needed assistance as they migrated their customer marketing operations from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to to embrace a more holistic multi-channel strategy. We supported everything from set-up and configuration to the physical migration and optimisation of their customer comms and lifecycle journeys, in just under 8 weeks! 

After every migration project, ongoing support and aftercare are crucial. We upskilled their team to ensure they could confidently manage tasks independently, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed for continued success. With their Head of CRM about to go on maternity leave, they recognised the need for a short-term replacement to maintain continuity and ensure the momentum of the migration project was not disrupted.

Client Testimonial from GoHenry

Our agency has a comprehensive pool of CRM professionals pre-vetted by our expert team who can be deployed by us to support any company around the world that requires temporary CRM support. With our CRM Network, we found a quick CRM professional who was perfect for the maternity cover.

The CRM Network recruitment process unfolded as follows:

Week 1: Posted the job advert and reviewed applications.

Week 2: Conducted initial interviews.

Week 3: Held final interviews and completed candidate selection & onboarding with WeDoCRM and Go Henry.

We presented five strong candidates, who underwent thorough interviews both with us and the GoHenry team. Within three weeks, we finalised the process, and the chosen candidate was onboarded and ready to start.

Janna, the successful candidate, began her onboarding, familiarising herself with their data setup and

Meet Janna

Janna is a CRM leader with a robust track record in crafting and implementing effective customer relationship management strategies across diverse industries. With prior experience as Head of CRM at VetPartners Limited, Celebrity Cruises, and Specsavers, she brings a wealth of expertise to GoHenry as she becomes temporary custodian of their CRM operations.

Are you looking for a Head of CRM or a CRM professional?

Sign up today to access our pre-vetted talent pool of experienced consultants, spanning diverse expertise levels and industry backgrounds. Benefit from WeDoCRM’s global resources and specialised knowledge to find the perfect fit for your team.

Key Points and Advantages:

Speed: Completed recruitment in three weeks.

Efficiency: Streamlined process from job posting to candidate selection.

Quality: Presented top candidates quickly.

Customisation: Tailored recruitment to specific client needs.

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