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WeDoCRM Breaks Ground as First CRM Agency to Launch Innovative Talent Sourcing Service

We’re excited to announce a brand-new CRM talent sourcing service, tailored specifically for brands and organisations in need of CRM professionals to fill temporary roles and placements. Powered by The CRM Network, our service revolutionises how companies can find CRM experts and confidently hire them with ease, something not often associated with traditional hiring. 

Whether you need a Head of CRM, a CRM Manager or just a CRM Executive, our talent sourcing service allows our pre-vetted consultants to step into a temporary role quickly and effectively. And the best bit… unlike hiring elsewhere, your chosen consultant is backed up by the full support and expertise of our respected global CRM agency. That means that should the unexpected happen and your temporary consultant can no longer fulfil their role for whatever reason, WeDoCRM will step in to ensure continuity of service until a suitably replacement can be found.

Fast-Track Hiring with Expertise You Can Trust

In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is of the essence. Our talent sourcing service fast-tracks the hiring process, ensuring top candidates are recruited, assessed, and onboarded within just a few weeks. 

“We are excited to introduce our Talent Sourcing Service, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing exceptional CRM service and value to our clients,” said Matthew Watson, Co-Founder and CEO at WeDoCRM. “With our specialised expertise and extensive database, we are well-positioned to empower organisations with the talent they need to drive success and growth in the competitive CRM sales and marketing landscape.”

Why Choose WeDoCRM’s Talent Sourcing Service?

What’s better than hiring great CRM professionals on a temporary basis? Hiring an incredible one that comes with a global CRM agency behind them.

  • Save on Recruitment Costs: Traditional recruiters can charge up to 30% of the total salary. Our service is significantly more affordable, offering substantial savings.
  • Fast-Track Hiring: We can set up and onboard top CRM talent within weeks, reducing your time-to-hire and keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Expertise You Can Trust: Our accredited CRM professionals have the expertise to identify the best candidates for your business and provide ongoing support to ensure success.
  • A Smarter Alternative: Our service is not just another recruitment option; it’s a smarter, more efficient alternative, providing lower costs, faster hiring, and expert-backed selections without the hefty recruiter fees. It’s streamlined recruitment processes leverage technology and industry best practices to deliver results quickly and effectively.
  • Quality Assurance: We have created an exclusive network of CRM leads and experts meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of clients. Their rigorous screening and assessment procedures ensure the highest calibre of candidates, matching clients with top talent.
  • Simple payment process: WeDoCRM hires your chosen candidate on a fixed-term and contracts them out to you, meaning you bypass all of the costly, time-consuming work to onboard them as an employee. The agency will simply invoice you on a monthly basis as part of a retainer service. The cost is based on the following formula; salary + cost to employer + agency fee = monthly retainer fee.

Successful Case Study: GoHenry

We have recently completed a project for GoHenry, a leader in youth financial education, assisting them in migrating their customer marketing operations from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Within just eight weeks, we managed the setup, configuration, migration, and optimisation of their customer communications and lifecycle journeys.

With their Head of CRM on maternity leave, GoHenry needed a short-term replacement to maintain the momentum of the migration project. Leveraging our comprehensive pool of pre-vetted CRM professionals, they found a suitable candidate within three weeks, who quickly familiarised herself with their data setup and, ensuring seamless continuity.

Client Testimonial from GoHenry

Ready to Save on Recruitment Costs?

Contact us today to learn how our CRM talent-sourcing service can benefit your business. Experience the difference of working with CRM experts dedicated to finding and supporting the best talent for your team.

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