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Centralising Customer Data for BALTIC with Salesforce Integration

The historic arts institute on the banks of the River Tyne

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art is a centre for contemporary art located on the south bank of the River Tyne. Their year-round programme ranges from blockbuster exhibitions to innovative new work and projects created by artists working within the local community.


CRM implementation, Data migration, Tech-stack integration, Training, ESP Migration, Data Management


Salesforce NPSP, Zapier,, Shopify, Eventbrite, DonorBox

Project Overview

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art found that their customer data was fragmented across multiple platforms making communication and data management difficult. Our mission was clear, to establish a single source of truth for customer data within their CRM platform Salesforce. 

Meticulous planning, strategic integration and thorough testing

To ensure accuracy, consistency, and accessibility across all touchpoints, we embarked on this ambitious project which involved several key steps:

  • Meticulous Planning: We started with assessing Baltic’s existing complex data landscape, and identifying all platforms where customer data resides. This included systems like Shopify, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, and DonorBox. Understanding the intricacies of each platform and how they interacted with each other was crucial for our next steps.
  • Strategic Integration: We connected various components directly to Salesforce to facilitate efficient data management and seamless customer communications through 

This required:

  • Custom Objects in Salesforce: We created custom objects to store various types of information, such as event orders and donations. This allowed us to track interactions efficiently, whether a contact had one or multiple engagements.
  • API Connections: We established API connections for platforms like Eventbrite and Shopify to Salesforce. For systems without native integrations, such as DonorBox, we utilised Zapier to bridge the gap.
  • Historical Data Backfill: We imported existing customer information from Shopify into Salesforce via an API and manually imported from a wide variety of sources, ensuring no historical data was lost during the transition.
  • Thorough Testing and Optimisation: We replaced, updated and optimised communication preferences and forms, conducting extensive testing to ensure they subscribed and unsubscribed contacts automatically and responsively, in line with GDPR policies.

We initially built the unsubscribe and preference centre within, but later integrated Jotform with Salesforce integration to ensure the CRM remained the single source of truth. This involved creating forms that updated preferences directly in Salesforce, which then communicated changes to ensuring a complete cycle of updates to communication preferences.

To maintain Salesforce as the single source of truth, we implemented workflows to keep data current and accurate. This included regular updates to reflect new data and changes in customer preferences, ensuring the system remained reliable over time.

The results

Baltic’s data ecosystem has undergone a remarkable transformation into a unified, efficient system. We have significantly improved Baltic’s data management capabilities by consolidating all customer information within Salesforce and optimising communication channels through

Initially scattered across various platforms, the team heavily relied on Mailchimp for manual list management, Baltic’s data lacked cohesion and consistency. However, through our strategic integration approach and the implementation of workflows and automation, leveraging tools like Zapier, we successfully centralised their data within Salesforce. Baltic now have a unified system to manage its customers effectively. 

Transitioning from Mailchimp to required meticulous redesigning of templates and careful data migration. Similarly, with Donorbox, we ensured seamless integration of configurations and data.

Baltic is now well-equipped to meet its data requirements and propel its business to new heights. They now have an established centralised CRM system that enhances data management and offers real-time insights into its customers and business performance. 

This enables them to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhance operational efficiency, boost revenue generation, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for their target audiences.

We are thrilled to extend our partnership with this exceptional team and you can read about our other levels of service and deep dive into the scope of our projects with the team here. 

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