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Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

The place for contemporary art and visual culture

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art creates and produces exhibitions, activities and opportunities that explore understanding of the world through diverse contemporary art by artists from across the world


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CRM implementation, Data migration, Tech-stack integration, Training, ESP Migration


Salesforce NPSP, Zapier,

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art is a dynamic hub that curates and presents compelling exhibitions, engaging activities, and unique opportunities, fostering a profound exploration of the global perspective through diverse contemporary art created by artists worldwide. Situated on the Gateshead quayside, Baltic boasts an expansive 2,600 square metres of exhibition space dedicated to showcasing the cutting-edge works of today and tomorrow’s artists.

Baltic opens its doors to visitors year-round, offering free access to a rich tapestry of art, talks, performances, and activities within a welcoming and accessible architectural space. Since its inception in July 2002, Baltic has attracted over 8 million visitors, solidifying its position as a cultural beacon.

Beyond its gallery spaces, Baltic actively engages with and contributes to local communities, individuals, and groups, promoting creativity, social connections, and shared hospitality. Complementing the physical experience, Baltic features an on-site retail shop and a digital platform, enhancing the accessibility and reach of contemporary art.

What was their need?

The goal of this project, as defined by Baltic, was to consolidate the tech stack into a Salesforce-focused operation that allowed for increased revenue, as well as offer the following functionality;

  • Uncovering new insights and analysis opportunities within company data
  • Implementing segmentation options for more targeted email journeys
  • Establishing new user journeys specifically designed for donors
  • Enhancing visibility and access to critical data
  • Facilitating collaborative cross-departmental work
  • Streamlining business processes through automation
  • Implementing a Single Sign-On solution for end-users/customers, enabling self-management of marketing communications and facilitating actions such as donations, purchases, and event bookings

How we supported them?

Baltic had initially collaborated with an agency, however, they discontinued the partnership due to dissatisfaction with the agency’s performance. Subsequently, our agency was selected to take over the project, demonstrating our capacity to meet and exceed Baltic’s expectations.

The first step in the overall project was finalising and sourcing any new systems for the tech-stack to ensure all of Baltic’s operational needs were delivered seamlessly, as well as ensuring the tech infrastructure can support expansion and growth in the long term. 

Below is WeDoCRM’s recommended stack, all controlled and governed by a new Customer Data Platform (CDP) such as Segment. However, this was later replaced due to incompatibilities and Zapier used instead of make Salesforce NPSP the single source of truth.

The scope of the project

  1. Needs assessment: Assess their marketing communications, donor management, event booking, and point of sale or sign-up opportunities in the venue to identify their requirements for the new system.


  2. Customisation: We assisted with customising the Salesforce CRM to meet their specific needs, including creating custom fields, objects, and reports.


  3. Data migration: Migrate, cross reference, tag and de-duplicate their existing data to the new system and ensure that all data is accurate and up-to-date.


  4. Integration: Integrate the Salesforce with other digital platforms.


  5. Training: Provide training to their staff on how to use the new system effectively.


  6. Ongoing support: Provide ongoing support after the initial implementation is complete to ensure their system continues to meet their needs and to address any issues that arise.

The results

This was an incredibly productive and positive partnership between Baltic and WeDoCRM, largely due to the success of our ‘insourced’ agency model.  Baltic now has a centralised CRM system that streamlines data management and provides real-time visibility into its customers and business performance. This empowers Baltic to make data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency, increasing income generation, and leading to better outcomes for the audiences they serve.

Ideal Key Features and Functions

  • Single Sign On
  • Development / Fundraising / Grant Applications
  • Contact/Donor Management
  • Events
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Email integration
  • Web-to-Lead forms
  • Daily Duty Manager Report
  • Lead Follow Up


  • Mailchimp
  • EventBrite
  • Shopify
  • Customer io
  • Salesforce

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