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WeDoCRM welcomes Quidco as part of our MoneySuperMarket expansion

We’re excited to announce today that WeDoCRM is expanding its scope with Group by partnering with the talented CRM team over at Quidco as they look to increase capacity during the busy festive period.

For those unfamiliar with Quidco, they’re one of the leading names in the growing world of Cashback, supporting millions of shoppers generate cash rewards on their every day spending.

Take travel for example – you could book your summer holiday with TUI directly online, or you could create an account with Quidco, click ‘Get cashback’, book your holiday as normal and receive 4% Cashback into your account. 

Over time Cashback can really add up into big cash savings which can then be withdrawn directly into your bank account. It’s a win win!

Give it a try today and see how much you could save in 2024. Click here to open a free account.

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