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James & James Fulfilment

Award-winning fulfilment partner

James & James is a leading fulfilment partner working with hundreds of fast-growing, industry-disrupting eCommerce brands.


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CRM optimisation, ESP migration, Sales process implementation


Salesforce SalesCloud, Pardot

After working with multiple fulfilment companies, James Hyde and James Strachan began to get fed up with outdated systems, inefficient operations, and unhappy customers. So, instead of moving to the next fulfilment partner, they founded their own.

James and James Fulfilment was born.

As of 2023, James and James Fulfilment has a team of over 250 employees, an international network of fulfilment centres, and hundreds of happy clients.

What was their need?

To increase Salesforce SalesCloud’s performance from a sales and fulfilment standpoint.

Alongside this work, we also needed to migrate their marketing system from SharpSpring to Pardot, simultaneously optimising its current effectiveness from email templates to automations.

What did we do?

  • Conducted project scope sessions to identify client’s needs and expectations.
  • Full audit of current systems (Salesforce SalesCloud and SharpSpring).
  • Created project plan and timelines, outlining key deliverables.

Salesforce SalesCloud optimisation key highlights:

  • Updated user logins, permissions and restrictions.
  • Addressed data storage limits and optimised system to reduce unnecessary costs.
  • Secured default external access levels to remove any inactive logins to secure the system from a security perspective.
  • Migrated Workflow Rules to Flow Builder;
    • Optimised data and file storage limits.
    • Decluttered fields and details tabs.
  • General system optimisation and clean-up, including automation of manual tasks to increase Sales efficiency.

Pardot migration:

  • Recreated of forms and auto emails.
  • Migrated email, templates, and automations.
  • Created new automations to improve efficiencies.
  • Mapped data fields, configured data, synced, and tested.
  • Development work on the Google Analytics connector.
  • Trained the James and James team on Pardot.
  • Decommissioned SharpSpring.


We’ve had hugely positive feedback from James and James on the dual optimisation and migration project, which was completed within six weeks. Not only do they now have increased Salesforce Marketing Cloud functionality, but they’re now fully operational in Pardot as well. 

Looking for a fulfilment partner you can trust?

James and James Fulfilment has over 12 years of experience, with industry-leading customer service. Find out more on the James and James Fulfilment website.

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