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WeDoCRM launches flexible CRM agency services

WeDoCRM has launched new flexible services to deliver even more CRM agency support to businesses of all sizes.

CRM is a huge revenue driver and the most cost-effective marketing channel available, yet for most businesses, it remains a headache and mystery.

To make CRM truly affordable, no matter your budget or stage of growth, we’ve redefined our services, making many of them available to purchase at the touch of a button.

What’s changed?

Our main WeDoCRM retainer service is now available to start-ups and SME’s. Whilst our main retainers remain untouched and unlimited in terms of support, we’ve clearly defined both a 25 and 50 monthly support hour retainer, designed to help businesses increase CRM operations and revenue, without negatively impacting budgets.

You’ll have a dedicated CRM Specialist who’s skills and expertise will help your business reach its growth targets, and this service is available on both a monthly rolling and annual direct debit.

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As well as our new retainer service, WeDoCRM has made some of its specialists available on an hourly and daily basis. You can now book time in with someone directly in less than 30 seconds, ensuring you have expertise on-hand whenever you may need it.

Campaign delivery, development, strategy, data-analysis, content… all available to you on demand.

We continue to work hard to make services and specialists available to all, as we become the go-to agency for CRM support.

Looking for CRM support?

Drop us an email, phone call or use our simple contact form and let's discuss how WeDoCRM can support you get the most out of CRM.

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