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WeDoCRM joins forces with Fly Now Pay Later

Regarded as the Klarna of travel, Fly Now Pay Later is teaming up with WeDoCRM to boost their CRM operations as they look ahead to Series B funding.

First time conversion and retention are important factors for the FinTech disrupter as it looks to give people the freedom and flexibility to book flights and holidays, and then spread the cost for up to 12 months.

As an extension of their talented team, WeDoCRM will be consolidating their CRM operations into an omni-channel powerhouse that delivers a seamless end to end user journey for customers.

We’ll be leveraging automation, targeted brand campaigns and acute segmentation to deliver the right message, to the right person, via the right channel, at the right time to UK, US and European markets as Fly Now Pay Later expands operations to growing markets.

Pay for travel in instalments with Fly Now Pay Later

Who are Fly Now Pay Later?

They’re a team of travellers dedicated to making paying for travel simpler and fairer.

FNPL are all about making sure that travel payments work for everyone: the travel sites, the destinations and, most importantly, the customer.

Ever since Jasper (the brains behind Fly Now Pay Later) struggled to find decent payment options for his trips around the world, they’ve been on a mission to transform the way people pay for their travel.

The team want to build a future where everybody spends less time dreaming of their next trip and tucking pennies away and more time exploring the world, experiencing new things and making lifelong memories.

Discover more Fly Now Pay Later and unlock affordable travel here.

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