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How to Maximise Your ROI with a CRM Strategy

How to Maximise Your ROI with a CRM Strategy

In today’s tough business world, CRM has evolved and keeping customers happy isn’t just about storing their info, it’s about boosting sales and keeping them loyal. Here at WeDoCRM, we get that it’s not just about implementing a software solution, it’s about using data-driven insights to shape every customer interaction. So, fancy hitting those KPIs and truly making a difference? Here are our top tips for why you need a CRM strategy, how to create one and our best practices.

Why you need a CRM strategy

According to Salesforce, every business with a CRM solution needs a CRM strategy. To put it simply, a CRM strategy framework provides a clear game plan for your business to gain success. It is a chance to understand your customers better and build long-lasting relationships. Enhancing sales effectiveness, and optimising your marketing efforts is a way of retaining customers, driving growth and staying ahead of your competitors in today’s congested market. 

What Amazon teaches us about CRM Strategy

One well-known company for its fantastic Customer Relationship Management is Amazon. The experience of shopping on Amazon is a joy, and that is because of their approach: their easy-to-understand user interface, personalisation and great customer service. That is the power of a good CRM strategy, keeping customers happy and getting them coming back for more! 

How to create a CRM strategy that works for your business

To make a CRM strategy that works, you need to look at your goals, understand your customers and ensure you have the right CRM software. With the right CRM software – tasks like collecting and managing data will seem like a breeze. You will effortlessly execute segmentation and personalisation tailoring interactions to perfection. Measuring performance each month will bring continuous improvements. Remember a strategy takes time, and refining it is an ongoing journey of trial, error and learning – once you nail it you will have a successful future ahead of you.  Our mission is to give CRM teams and organisations, across the B2B and D2C spectrum, the support and expertise they need to drive high-impact CRM operations that drive sustainable revenue. Here are our CRM strategy best practices:

Data-Focused, Strategic Thinking

At the heart of our CRM strategy support lies a deep understanding of your data. To be truly strategic, businesses must harness the power of their data to identify trends, uncover insights, and capitalise on opportunities for revenue growth. You can do this through data analysis – what is your data telling you?
How to Maximise Your ROI with a CRM Strategy statistic

74% of businesses say CRM software improves customer data access. If you’re without a CRM or unhappy with your current one, it might be time to explore other solutions, including our top recommendations. 

Your CRM system stores large amounts of customer data including purchase history, and their likes and dislikes, if you understand their preferences, you can identify what works. If you need assistance with this, we can help you unlock the full potential of your customer database through an audit which we cover below.

Deep-Dive Analysis and Leadership Reports

We recommend doing a deep-dive audit of your CRM performance to date. This involves examining your KPIs and identifying opportunities for revenue growth. An audit will answer what steps you need to make to optimise your CRM strategy. If you need help with an in-depth audit, we can help you and provide a top-level leadership report that we will talk you through so you know exactly what to do next for your CRM goals. 

Centralised Inbox

Have you thought about streamlining your lead generation and management processes? You can integrate seamless lead generation forms with your CRM system. Incoming leads will flow into your centralised team inbox, where they are prioritised and assigned for follow-up. It’s all about timely response to new leads and grabbing the opportunities to convert! 

Lead Recycling

We understand that not every lead converts immediately but by delivering relevant content and incentives based on what you found out in your deep dive analysis (scroll back up) – it’s the process of bridging your cold leads back from the dead into the sales and marketing pipeline so that they can be re-engaged. (This is not to be mistaken for lead nurturing.)

Outbound Marketing

Re-engaging your dead leads can be completed via outbound marketing. We plan it strategically to pave the way for sales talks. For example, send messages that connect with your audience, setting the stage for conversions. Whether it’s emails, social media, or personalised content, outbound efforts are all about nurturing leads and making sales easier.

Live Performance Dashboards

Finally, you should look at the detailed analytics within your CRM system to track performance. Monitor your conversion rates, identify areas of opportunity in real time and use the data to make your decisions. Completing this ensures that your CRM strategy remains agile and responsive to changing market dynamics. 

Are you looking to implement a CRM strategy that works?

To be truly strategic, you have to understand what your data is telling you. Only then will you be able to identify trends and areas of opportunity to increase revenue from your database.

WeDoCRM’s data-first approach to CRM strategy support enables businesses to unlock the full potential of their customer relationships. By harnessing the power of data analytics, streamlining lead management processes, and implementing targeted marketing initiatives, we help businesses drive revenue growth, build customer loyalty, and achieve their strategic objectives. 

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can support your CRM strategy and drive tangible results for your business. 

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