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Will Google’s prospected takeover of HubSpot be another dagger in the heart of Salesforce?

Will Google’s prospected takeover of HubSpot be another dagger in the heart of Salesforce?

With Reuters reporting that Google’s parent company Alphabet is seeking to acquire HubSpot, could this acquisition continue to strengthen the growth of the HubSpot platform and be another knock in the Salesforce monopoly it is slowly losing?

Earlier this year, G2 moved HubSpot Sales Hub above Sales Cloud for the first time, when comparing sales products, as more businesses take advantage of a CRM that scales as the business grows, delivering an ROI in a much shorter timescale than its rivals. 

Salesforce is known for having great analytic capabilities, however, it’s generally not user-friendly, with businesses often needing to recruit a specific software specialist in-house to support basic requirements. In contrast, HubSpot can be set up in a shorter timescale and users are trained to make minor changes as well as accessing immediate analytics. Working with an insourced agency (like WeDoCRM) to set up the HubSpot CRM can have your business up and running with the basic CRM instantaneously, as the wider implementation is applied, whereas Salesforce software is likely to needs to be implemented and robustly tested before rolling it out to teams.

Salesforce offers an extensive feature suite that makes it a top CRM. However, due to its complex infrastructure and relatively high price entry, Salesforce isn’t for everyone. The platform is best suited to larger businesses that need a powerful tool for managing sales leads and analysing sales opportunities. Large sales teams will appreciate the collaboration and opportunity evaluation features that Salesforce offers, although this can be matched using HubSpot’s Sales tools.

HubSpot is a user-friendly CRM that offers a limited-feature free plan, making it affordable for even startups. Paid plans are priced appropriately for SMEs and come with a range of feature upgrades that can handle most customer relationship management needs, can scale as the business grows and can implement a large number of automations.

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