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Celebrating Four Years: Refining CRM support as the insourced CRM agency

Celebrating Four Years: Redefining CRM support as the insourced CRM agency

As we mark our fourth birthday, we reflect on our remarkable achievements and successes as the insourced CRM agency. In 2020, Matthew and Emilie founded WeDoCRM with a clear mission: to revolutionise CRM support and redefine the restrictive agency model. Driven by Matthew’s background in multi-channel marketing, strategy, and automation, coupled with Emilie’s technical prowess, they embarked on the journey of launching WeDoCRM.

Partnering with powerhouses

Over the past four years, our journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. With each year that has passed, we’ve experienced remarkable growth, both in terms of our capabilities and the esteemed brands across various industries that have chosen to partner with us. Here’s a closer look at some of the exceptional brands that have become part of our journey:
  1. Alibaba Group/WorldFirst: Our focus is on simplifying international business payments. We optimise operations, enhance campaign performance, streamline automated customer journey communications, and provide support in overhauling Salesforce reporting.
  2. Pearson: A significant milestone in our journey by securing an international CRM contract with one of the largest education companies globally and one of the largest book publishers in the world.
  3. MoneySuperMarket: As one of the leading price comparison websites in the UK, MoneySuperMarket has trusted us to enhance their CRM strategies and drive greater customer engagement.
  4. Quidco: Another prominent player in the UK’s financial services industry, Quidco relies on our expertise to optimise its CRM efforts and deliver personalised experiences to its users.
  5. GoHenry: With a focus on financial education for children, GoHenry has entrusted us to help them build stronger relationships with their customers through effective CRM strategies and a CRM migration. 
  6. Volvo Cars: A globally recognised automotive brand, Volvo Cars has partnered with us to leverage CRM solutions that enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Additionally, we have worked with brands in the energy sector, fintech, eCommerce, and extended our support to charitable and non-profit organisations such as Baltic Art Gallery. These relationships have spawned from our insourced agency model which has earned the reputation of being the world’s premier CRM agency (with a twist!).

How we changed the agency model to be the “insourced” agency

Our insourced model integrates seamlessly with our client’s teams, providing the expertise of an agency while working alongside regular colleagues. With a collective mindset, we bridge resource gaps across strategy, operations, technical, and content.

No more briefing sessions or information regurgitation—we stay in the loop and ready to go. Flexible, proactive, and attentive, we adapt to meet your CRM needs, whether long-term or temporary.

Our insourced CRM support gives all the in-depth knowledge of an employee with the people-power and specialisms only available with an agency. 

WeDoCRM the insourced model

Hear from our customers

We’ve welcomed new faces to our dynamic workforce

With each new addition to our team, we’ve strengthened our capabilities and deepened our collective knowledge of CRM. These talented individuals come from diverse backgrounds, from technical experts to marketing strategists, and operations specialists to customer experience gurus. 

Their combined experience has enriched our team, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions and innovative approaches to our clients. We’ve embraced a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, where every team member contributes their unique skills and perspectives to our collective success. 

WeDoCRM team profiles

Words from our Co-founder and CEO Matthew Watson

“From day one we knew the purpose of WeDoCRM and it’s been quite a ride so far seeing it flourish into something unique and meaningful these past 4 years. We genuinely wouldn’t be where we are without our incredible team, clients, and technology partners, both past and present, who have helped us shape this agency into a trusted and respected brand. Support for CRM has never been more important than it is now, especially as technology continues to evolve at such a rapid rate – we’re excited to see what WeDoCRM achieves over the next 4 years as we continue to expand our ‘insourced model’ around the world.”

One of our favourite success stories: How we achieved a $5 million milestone in 2 weeks for our fintech client

WeDoCRM stepped in to manage our US fintech client’s extensive customer database and enhance their communication strategy. With our support in CRM software management, campaign creation, and customer journey optimisation across multiple channels, including SMS, Email, In-App, and Push notifications, alongside MarTech stack management, our client saw significant improvements in engagement and ROI. We are proud to share our achievements as our efforts resulted in a total revenue of $5,692,785.08 in just under two weeks for our client.

We take pride in our premium partnerships and system certifications

We prioritise expertise and proficiency in a range of systems to best serve our client’s diverse needs. Our team is proud to hold certifications and partnerships with various platforms, ensuring that we can seamlessly integrate and optimise solutions tailored to each client’s requirements. 

From premium partners like Salesforce CRM, Iterable ESP, ESP, and HubSpot CRM.

To standard partners including Braze ESP, Klaviyo ESP, Pipedrive CRM, Dynamics 365 CRM, Mailchimp ESP, Dotdigital ESP, SugarCRM CRM, and Zoho CRM. 

WeDoCRM certified tech partners

Showcasing WeDoCRM to the world

Over the years we have participated in events from Iterable’s Activate Tours, Communication Tech Expo, The Scottish Marketing Network, and more. They have marked our debut on the public stage, providing invaluable opportunities to introduce WeDoCRM, our innovative CRM solutions, to a wider audience. 

In 2023, being recognised as one of the Top Ten Must-See companies by the Technology for Marketing Expo was a proud moment for us. It validated the dedication and innovation behind WeDoCRM, reinforcing its value in the eyes of industry professionals.

We are thrilled to achieve this recognition again in 2024, further solidifying our position as a leader in the CRM space and underscoring the continued relevance and impact of our solutions.

Words from our Co-founder and CTO Emilie Harvey

“We are thrilled to reflect on our 4 years! What a whirlwind of growth and success all made possible by the dedication of our incredible team and support of our clients and partners. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and remain committed to delivering exceptional service and making a positive impact. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here’s to many more years of success together!”

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