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How we’re boosting the Cashback platform Quidco with CRM support


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Allow us to introduce Quidco (part of, a big player in the cashback industry renowned for its exceptional money-saving capabilities. With millions of users benefiting from its services, Quidco facilitates cash rewards on everyday purchases, presenting a mutually beneficial arrangement for shoppers.

As users accumulate cashback earnings over time, the potential for substantial savings becomes evident. Withdrawal options offer a seamless process, enabling users to access their funds promptly and efficiently, straight into their bank account with no fuss. 

How WeDoCRM assisted Quidco with day-to-day CRM support

As part of our partnership with Quidco, we played a pivotal role in managing their day-to-day operations and executing various marketing campaigns. Our team of technical CRM specialists was responsible for several key tasks, including:

  • Email Creation and Scheduling: We crafted compelling email campaigns and scheduled them for optimised delivery times, ensuring maximum impact.
  • Canvas Development: We created interactive messaging workflows to guide users through personalised journeys, tailored to their behaviour and preferences.
  • Trigger Implementation: We automated responses and actions in their CRM system based on specific user interactions or events.
  • A/B Testing: We tested different campaign versions to determine the most effective approach.
  • Audited and Reviewed Templates: We assessed and enhanced our email templates for improved performance.
  • Control Group Testing: We compared campaign outcomes to gauge their true effectiveness.
  • Created Dynamic Content: We customised content based on individual user data to enhance engagement.
  • Revamped Welcome Lifecycle Communications and Monthly Promotions: We refreshed our welcome emails and monthly offers to optimise user engagement and retention.

WeDoCRM is your trusted Braze partner

As a certified Braze partner, we offered full support to ensure our clients get the most out of Braze. This meant tweaking audience groups, improving messages, and using the platform’s advanced tools to engage customers better.

We delved into Braze’s advanced features to create custom solutions that matched our clients’ goals. We sorted audiences carefully to make sure messages hit the mark every time. We used everything from personalised content to smart automated workflows to create experiences that customers loved.

We kept refining messaging strategies by reviewing each message’s metrics and adjusting as needed. Whether it was making engaging subject lines or sending messages at just the right time, we aimed to boost our clients’ communication efforts.

The results

Overall, our strategy for CRM management and marketing automation enhanced Quidco’s operational efficiency and elevated its campaign effectiveness. 

By implementing robust CRM practices and leveraging sophisticated marketing automation tools, we facilitated seamless coordination between various departments and streamlined internal processes. This improved the overall efficiency of their operations and allowed for more targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

One of our major achievements was auditing and optimising the welcome lifecycle communications and monthly promotions. We ensured that users verified their emails, selected preferred brands, and downloaded the app by tailoring messages based on their actions.

Our approach to data management and analysis enabled Quidco to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and preferences. By harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making, we were able to optimise campaign strategies, enhance customer segmentation, and deliver more relevant and impactful marketing communications. 

As a result, Quidco experienced increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as higher engagement rates across their platforms.

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