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GDPR compliance

Ensuring you're GDPR compliant will always be a critical priority for any business. However, many don't realise how vulnerable they are to breaching it and the consequences that come with it. WeDoCRM can mitigate against this and keep you compliant.

How WeDoCRM can keep you compliant

A database, marketing system or CRM is at risk of becoming non-compliant at any time, either through lack of process, tech failure or human-error. However, WeDoCRM can help mitigate against this risk as outlined below.

Regular audits

Comprehensive system audits every 4, 6 or 12 months, depending on the size and complexity of your systems.

Detailed audit reports

Our GDPR team will identify any potential weaknesses in your system and outline fixes to bolster security.

Defining processes

We'll work with you and your organisation to develop robust processes to reduce your risk of breaching GDPR.

Development work

Our team of devs will action any system changes quickly and efficiently to keep your systems compliant.


Our helpdesk will allow you to flag any potential breaches or concerns to the team for quick review.

Ongoing support

Our agency retainer will ensure you have access to our expert team whenever you need them, even if its just for advice.

Looking for GDPR support?

Drop us an email, phone call or use our simple contact form and let's discuss how WeDoCRM can support you ensure GDPR compliance.

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