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Enhancing Our SME Client's HubSpot Performance with a Detailed Audit

Enhancing Our SME Client’s HubSpot Performance with a Detailed Audit

Our SME client, who is a growing start-up business in the financial sector, wanted to optimise their usage of HubSpot, a powerful CRM and marketing automation platform. We conducted an audit to identify opportunities for improvement in their marketing, sales and service operations. Based on what we found, we have outlined our recommendations and solutions for some of the challenges discovered. If you find yourself encountering HubSpot challenges, we hope our answers below will be helpful to you.

Audit checklist: What do we look for?

Our client’s mission is to overcome traditional banking barriers by offering a personalised service with multi-currency solutions, resulting in smooth local and international transactions. Once we gained access to their CRM, we examined the way they used the platform across the various hubs – Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and Service Hub. (These different hubs and features depend on your level such as Pro or Enterprise.) 

Our audit focused on key areas such as contact and data management, lead management, sales automation, marketing automation, reporting, and analytics. We also paid close attention to specific features like deal management and marketing contact management. This is our primary objective with every audit, we make sure that we identify and recommend processes that enhance efficiency, save time, and maximise our clients’ investment. Does your CRM system and strategy deliver the value you need?

Uncovering opportunities: Enhancements and maximising HubSpot investment

If your system is not delivering what you need, explore some of our key findings from our client and see how these essential tips can help you optimise HubSpot.

Deal Management

Audit Findings: We discovered that our SME client was not using the deals feature optimally, mixing it with lead qualification processes. This lack of structure hindered their ability to accurately forecast sales and manage pipelines.

Our Solution: WeDoCRM will help restructure your deals pipeline by establishing clear entry and exit criteria for each stage. We’ll provide detailed guidance and templates to ensure your pipeline stages align with your sales processes and are measured properly. 

Duplicate Records

Audit Findings: A significant number of duplicate records were identified, which can lead to inefficiencies, inaccurate reporting, and poor customer experiences. Duplicate records are one of the most common data quality issues we encounter during business audits so we knew what to do to fix it right away.

Our Solution: WeDoCRM offers tools and strategies to identify and eliminate duplicate records. We will set up processes within HubSpot to automatically detect duplicates, provide training on maintaining data integrity, and offer regular data hygiene services to keep your records clean. Clean data is good data. 

Record Management

Audit Findings: Inefficient record management, with issues in handling object records, views, and lists.

Our Solution: WeDoCRM will help to streamline your contact management processes, based on the type of contact and communications. This includes optimising your contact views, and subscription preferences, improving list segmentation, and ensuring your marketing efforts are targeted and efficient. Our team will configure HubSpot to support better contact organisation and segmentation tailored to your marketing strategies.

Analytics and Reporting

Audit Findings: Our client was not using the analytics and reporting capabilities properly, limiting their insights. It was important for them to see their campaign performance and customer behaviour to make marketing decisions, they needed to make sure the data they were capturing was the data they needed. 

Our Solution: WeDoCRM will set up custom dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into key metrics. This will help with your marketing options. We’ll train your team on how to interpret these reports and use the data to make informed decisions, enhancing your marketing and sales strategies. We will also work on how to ensure you are capturing the data you require so you know what to do next in your strategy.

System Integration

Audit Findings: The client had external systems that were not fully integrated with HubSpot, leading to data inefficiencies. This is another common problem we see during audits. 

Our Solution: WeDoCRM specialises in integrating HubSpot with other software and platforms. We have dedicated Hubspot specialists who will ensure seamless data flow across your systems, enhancing functionality and providing a unified view of your customer data to ensure a single source of truth.

Are you currently using HubSpot for your business?

Do you ever wonder if there are areas or features you could be utilising or if the current setup is the most optimal and efficient for your business?

A lot of businesses transitioned to HubSpot during the pandemic and have kept their setup the same. It is always a good idea to review periodically how the CRM and platform are working for you to deliver the best possible results. HubSpot as a platform is full of consistent updates (weekly) to improve usability.

Interested in booking a CRM audit to uncover new opportunities?

Our services include understanding your business processes and current use of your CRM platform, assisting with set up and configuration of recommended challenges, training your team and setting up reporting tools to track progress and ensure long-term success. 

By partnering with us, you gain access to experts specialising in optimising your use of your CRM or ESP system. Our tailored approach ensures that every recommendation is practical, relevant, and aligned with your business goals, driving efficiencies, and boosting revenue. 

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