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The reasons to move from spreadsheets to a CRM system

The reasons to move from spreadsheets to a CRM system

When starting a business, spreadsheets come in super handy. They are often free, especially with tools like Google Sheets, providing a great and straightforward solution to organise finances, data, and leads. They’re a huge step up from scattered Post-it notes cluttering your desktop! However, whether you love or hate them, spreadsheets just don’t have the features of dedicated CRM software. So, how do you know when it is time for your businesses to make the switch? 

Your spreadsheets are multiplying and are difficult to keep track of

What started as versatile and useful has now turned into something overwhelming and unmanageable. If it feels like you’re in a never-ending data spiral and spreadsheets are coming out of your ears, don’t be disheartened, it simply means your business is growing and that is a good thing! When spreadsheets multiply and become difficult to keep track of, it indicates a need for a more robust centralised solution for your data management such as a CRM system. 

Data loss, corrupted files and no centralised system to back it up?

As more spreadsheets pile up, managing them becomes trickier. Teams might spend ages hunting for the right information, leading to frustration. Plus, since they are often stored on different computers or shared drives, there is a chance of losing data, files getting deleted or being corrupted (definitely not ideal). Cloud storage brings another added risk of data being shared or accessed by others, which is a MAJOR concern. And, if your computer crashes, your files could be lost forever. 

Our tip? Make the switch to  CRM software to manage and back up your data hassle-free. It simplifies processes, enhances teamwork, and ensures data security and accuracy. 

And, don’t forget about being legally compliant with GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance isn’t just important, it’s the law. Unauthorised, careless or ignorant processing of personal data is a violation of a person’s rights and freedoms, as well as having the potential to impact their financial security.

Even sending your spreadsheets to your colleagues puts confidential information at risk. With updating spreadsheets being manual and extremely tedious, it’s only a matter of time before human error happens, figures are easily misplaced or cells are accidentally deleted. 

According to Forbes, 90% of all spreadsheets contain significant errors! 

So how can you ensure you are handling data correctly? Here’s an article we wrote previously that will go through all the nitty gritty details. 

Lack of automation and manual data entry is taking up too much time

While Excel is versatile, every piece of information must be entered manually (how boring). This tedious process makes tasks like updating customer data extremely time-consuming and increases the chances of sneaky typos. However, with automation features offered by a CRM system, tasks like sending reminders and notifications can be automated, reducing workflow inefficiencies and boosting productivity. Imagine having the luxury of time! So much more time for the more important things. 

No insights, difficulty tracking and missed opportunities

Using spreadsheets means missing out on insights, while CRM software offers advanced analytics. With CRM, you can track interactions, automate reminders, and manage leads effectively. It’s perfect for handling everything from basic contact details to more detailed information like qualification stage and specific interests. You can make sure no opportunities are slipping through the cracks and develop new strategies for growth!

Let’s break it down, spreadsheets vs CRM system

Which side are you on? 

Spreadsheets vs CRM software

Where do you fit? If you find yourself experiencing any combination of these challenges with spreadsheets, it may be time to make the switch to more efficient and effective data management. 

Where do I start with data migration?

We’ve crafted this CRM migration starter guide to offer a straightforward, step-by-step approach. From the basics to advanced strategies, it’s designed to assist you at the start of your CRM migration journey.

Whether you’re migrating from one CRM system to another, or embracing CRM for the first time, we’ll support you by implementing a highly efficient, evergreen system that will deliver ROI for years.

You may think that spreadsheets are irreplaceable. Yes, they are cost-effective, easy to use and let’s face it, familiar. But embracing change is ESSENTIAL for growth, success and progress. Transitioning to a CRM platform can be a step forward in your journey. 

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