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Dedicated CRM Specialist

CRM support without the hassle of hiring

Hiring an employee, contractor or freelancer can be a hassle, especially when onboarding. Our dedicated CRM Specialists can be onboarding in under 24 hours and integrate fully with your team.

The process — 5 simple steps.

Introductory call with WeDoCRM to assess requirements.

1-page proposal and costings will be provided within 24-hours.

Start date set and agency agreement reviewed and signed.

Dedicated CRM Specialists joins team and is onboarded.

CRM Specialists delivers agreed work, whilst also working with the autonomy of an employee, ensuring value is delivered at all times. You will also benefit from the additional support of the agency.

Let's talk
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Looking for CRM support?

Drop us an email, phone call or use our simple contact form and let's discuss how WeDoCRM can support you get the most out of CRM.


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