Free CRM Strategy Review.

WeDoCRM's offer to you!

WeDoCRM’s main goal is to support organisations through these challenging times, by unlocking their full CRM potential. By utilising CRM, your organisation can drive critical business value from Prospects already known to you within your database. 

To help us prove our worth and showcase our expertise in all things CRM, we’re offering your business a free CRM strategy review to identify areas of opportunity within your current database and Sales pipeline.

What are we offering?

A 45-60 minute introductory session to review your business goals and analyse your current database performance. This session will also allow you to get to know us, learn about what we do for our current partners and brainstorm any key areas of opportunity and quick wins to generate revenue.

Who will benefit from this?

Marketing Leader

CRM is a critical tool for any marketer and one that delivers the highest ROI of any channel. By utilising email, dynamic content and automation, you can deliver a highly personalised experience to users that is proven to drive higher conversion and brand engagement.

Sales Leader

CRM is known to all Sales professionals, but rarely optimised effectively to support their day to day function. With expertise, CRM can support Sales pipeline conversion in a business critical capacity, through the use of automation, governance and process.

Did you know...

A well segmented and automated CRM setup can increase Sales productivity and conversion by almost 30%.

Unleash your CRM.

With the exception of your employees, CRM is arguably the most powerful tool your company has at its disposal. We’ve built our core packages to set your company up for success – whether it’s building your CRM function from scratch or optimising your current setup.